Blunt Tip Disposable Surgical Trocar

Blunt Tip Disposable Surgical Trocar

Disposable trocar This product are used for transporting CO2 gas for the abdominal cavity in the laparoscopic surgery , and establishing an assess between endoscope and surgical instruments w hen the two go in and go out of the abdominal cavity. We develop and produce this produce aiming at...

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2018 blunt tip disposable bladeless Surgical trocar from GEYI

1.About Us:


       Zhejiang Geyi Medical Instrument Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer in producing disposable surgical instruments (diposable trocars, surgical staplers,etc) and reusable surgical instruments used in laparoscopy,urology, gynecology and general surgery.We have two registered trademarks-- 'Geyiand 'Euprun',and the two brands are separately produced in two factories.

      We have been partners with distributors, traders, hospitables, clinics, doctors for many years from more than 50 countries all over the world.With the hard work of more than 100 workers,we now have 200 kinds of medical instruments.

      Our mission is 'For Human Health'!




1. No need extra adaptor.

(Instruments from 5mm to 12mm can be used directly without any converters)

2. Double insurance for airproof,triple seal for design.

(Triple sealing protection design ensures zero air leakage throughout the procedure.)

3. Ergonomically constructed, comfortable operation.

(Ergonomic and small handle design makes easy insertion.)


4.Product Display:


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