Brief What is a one-time stapler?

Jan 28, 2018

    With the rapid development of modern medicine, the development of medical equipment has also made a qualitative leap forward. A great variety of medical equipment has been developed, but many kinds of medical facilities are available in modern medicine, sometimes very similar Two kinds of equipment can not be mixed to use, such attention will lead to big problems. So today to give you a brief introduction of what is a medical disposable stapler?

    Stapler is the world's first stitcher for gastrointestinal anastomosis nearly a century. Generally divided into one-time or multiple use of the stapler, imported or domestic stapler. It is a medical alternative to the traditional hand-stitched equipment, due to the development of modern science and technology and the improvement of the manufacturing technique, the quality of the stapler currently used clinically is reliable. Compared with traditional hand-stitching staplers, the stapler has the following advantages :

1. One-time use to avoid cross-infection.

2. The use of titanium nail or stainless steel nail (skin suture) suture tight, elastic moderate.

3 with few side effects and effective in reducing surgical complications.

    A stapler easy to use, tight, elastic appropriate, in particular, its suture fast, easy to operate and few side effects and complications such as surgery, and sometimes also made in the past unresectable tumor surgery to remove the lesion, very much at home and abroad in clinical surgery The doctor's favor and respected.

    The above is a brief introduction of disposable stapler, if you have any questions, you can call and Division I, we will have someone to answer your questions.

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