Clean wave laminectomy rongeur promotional materials

Jul 13, 2016

Clean wave laminectomy rongeur main feature is particularly easy to clean, the specific performance:

1. Open, permeability between the cover and the base design, so that the cleaning process becomes more efficient, thorough, without time-consuming disassembly.

2. PVD coating process using surface very smooth, stains difficult to bond, making the cleaning process easier and safe.

After several well-known international brand companies orthopedic equipment cleaning operations results obtained under the standard disinfection procedures, consistent clean waves proved laminectomy rongeur this easy to clean features.

Clean wave laminectomy rongeur Other features include: use and maintenance simple, smooth motion, light touch, doctors reduce operator fatigue.

For domestic cleaning and disinfection of surgical instruments, hospital actually, especially some hospital equipment to be cleaned after use disinfection between long time, and the lack of moisture treatment is necessary in product sales following the user instructions, the proposed work:

1. When cleaning the instrument by moisture or timely treatment - is not serious when dry stains, eliminate through normal cleaning

Virus programs (labor, machine can) to achieve the desired results.

2. When the instrument has not been cleaned for a long time and the lack of moisture causes serious stain when dry, by strengthening the pre-soak (ie, pre-treatment), the same can achieve more satisfactory results. Friendly advice: in ultrasonic cleaning machine at the lowest frequency (35 kHz) ultrasonic bath soak, soak time: 10 minutes soaking agent: enzyme detergent; solution temperature: 20 ° C or so. (Note: This special dipping from abroad to some domestic hospitals, the effect is ideal.)