Common Pliers equipment

Jul 13, 2016

1. Sponge forceps (oval clamp): Also called holding forceps, divided into tooth pattern, no pattern two kinds of teeth with tooth pattern mainly for holding, transfer sterilized instruments, sutures, needles, dressings, drainage tubes. Also used to clamp gauze moistened with disinfectant to sterilize the skin of the surgical field, or the depths of the surgical field swab for blood; no tooth pattern for gripping organ to assist exposure.

Dressing room and operating room sterile, sterile holding forceps placed big mouth big mouth cup or bottle. When using its extract must be noted: (1) intended for gripping sterile and can not be used for dressing. When (2) remove or replace the head end is closed, do not touch the mouth of the container, it can not touch the instrument table. (3) put the mouth of the container holding forceps application of plastic sleeve cover.