Commonly used surgical instrument device

Jul 13, 2016

A successful implementation of any surgery depends on the surgeon in addition to skilled operators, must also have a full range of tools - surgical instruments, surgical instruments, and sometimes can determine the success of surgery.

Surgery is performed by human tissue, "destruction and reconstruction" to achieve the purpose of treating disease, surgical instruments naturally include the destruction of instruments such as scalpels, scissors separation, etc., in order to prevent bleeding in the destruction process and the use of instruments such as forceps, ligature, etc., to rebuild all types of surgical instruments such as needles, sutures, surgical instruments, there is a class in order to provide spacious, clean operative field, to ensure smooth operation such as various retractor, suction.

Surgical instrument is an extension of the surgeon's hand, only to master the basic structural features and performance of various surgical instruments, in order to correct the flexibility to use in order to achieve operation "steady, accurate, fast, fine," the basic requirements. Surgery is a common surgical instruments commonly used instrument, the surgical instrument according to common structural features and divided into many different types and models.