Development of Admiralty and the main varieties of orthopedic devices

Jul 13, 2016

One of the most common orthopedic department of major hospitals, anatomy, physiology and pathology The main musculoskeletal system, the use of drugs, surgery and physical methods to maintain and develop normal morphology and function of the system.

Admiralty orthopedic products more than a decade has experienced a number of global and local upgrade and facelift on joint research and development equipment, instruments and spinal trauma equipment has accumulated rich experience, and continue to develop more practical instrument.

First, the characteristics P1 series of orthopedic devices

(A) wire cutting (P1A0)

Older products, technical indicators comparison:

1. The new structure design, operation feel good, adjust the head and handle stress positions, product safety;

2. The head of high-quality high-strength stainless steel to improve corrosion resistance, shear strength; reduce edge crushing and population explosion;

3. The introduction of new equipment, new technology forging, improved product toughness and corrosion resistance;

4. The product costs, quality improvement, life expectancy, shear performance improvement;

5. Product surface passivation using qualities, not reflective surgery, postoperative easy to clean;