Disinfection and sterilization of laparoscopic instruments

Jan 27, 2018

Disinfection and sterilization of laparoscopic instruments

The method of disinfection and sterilization of laparoscopic instruments depends on the material, before using the apparatus in the sterilizer, sterilization using special sterilization agent according to sterilization procedures, low temperature plasma sterilization machine the whole process takes only 60-70 minutes, the card pressure cooker with a fast, thorough sterilization etc.. The whole process takes only 9 minutes. They have their own advantages. These 1 times each sterilizer sterilization, sterilization has index records and chemical indicator monitoring, we determine the sterilization effect according to the recorded data and chemical indicator cards show the extent of discoloration, do 1 times biological monitoring every day, each instrument sterilization finished sterilization chemical indicator card retention index data and archive and registration.

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