Disposable casing puncturing device (cannula needle)

Aug 19, 2018

【Drug Name】

Generic name: disposable cannula puncturing device (cannula needle)


The puncturing device is composed of a puncture cannula and a puncture needle, and the auxiliary component has a pneumoperitoneum, a specimen bag, and a transducer. The puncture sleeve is composed of a sleeve, a needle seat, a choke valve and a sealing cap; the puncture needle is composed of a needle, a tube body and a needle seat; the converter is composed of a sleeve and a sealing cap; the pneumoperitoneum is composed of an injecting valve and an outer tube. The needle is composed; the specimen bag is composed of a bag body and a drawstring.


The product is used for endoscopic and surgical instruments to enter and exit the body after puncturing the body wall in laparoscopic surgery, and can transport CO2 gas to the body.