Japanese medical device companies to enter the Chinese medical device market to accelerate

Jul 13, 2016

It is reported that Olympus will expand to be able to explain in detail the endoscope and other equipment sales staff. Currently, Olympus products in China is about 1300 hospitals, mainly in large cities. Future sales focus will shift to local cities. Meanwhile, in order to ensure product performance, Olympus further improved after-sales service system. The current one-year maintenance program capacity of 9,000 units doubled to 20,000 units a year. Increased maintenance of equipment at the same time increasing the number of hired professional and technical personnel.

According to British research firm Espicom speculated that China's medical device market size of about $ 20 billion in 2014, ranked fourth in the world. 2017 will reach 33 billion US dollars, becoming the world's second largest after the United States market. Olympus Medical Enterprise sales in the Asia Pacific region in 2013 fiscal year (ending March 14) reached 69.7 billion yen, an increase of nearly 3 percent, which accounted for nearly half of the Chinese market.