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Dec 23, 2020

Light cable in Geyi Medical

Light Cable (1)


Widely used in medical endoscope equipment and other medical lighting, it's flexible, and it has high-quality light transmission efficiency.


Hold the metal rear plastic handle of the light source end to plug and unplug naturally, the light source end corresponds to the light source interface, and the mirror body end corresponds to the corresponding connection

Mirror body interface.

Disinfection and maintenance:

The whole can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure at 134℃, 3bar, 10 minutes, 100 times.

Note that it cannot be packed in plastic bags, it can be packed in non-woven fabrics or sterilized boxes.


1. The light source end can withstand high temperature 200℃, please do not use light source with temperature higher than 200℃.

2. Handle with care to avoid heavy pressure and acid-base corrosion environment.

3. Don't bend! The minimum bend is 50mm, and it is placed in a natural coil.

4. It is strictly forbidden to pull or pull the hose forcefully.

5. It is strictly forbidden to scratch or collide the end surface of the light source end and the end of the lens body.

6. After each disinfection, the dust caps at both ends should be covered for storage.

Important hint:

The built-in extremely thin and numerous fiber optic wires should always be used with care. The light guide is a consumable accessory. During normal use,

Broken wires may occur inside. The amount of broken wires depends on your frequency and method of use. When it affects the efficiency of light transmission,

Please replace it in time! It is recommended that after 10 times of use, after each use and cleaning, check with a light source to verify that the light transmission efficiency is consistent.