Medtronic determined Henglishiken diabetes medical equipment dealers

Jul 13, 2016

Medtronic said more than 80 percent of type 2 diabetes patients need the help of the primary physician down receiving treatment, which makes these physicians also became the entire treatment system is an indispensable part, along with Henry Schein Company 2014 sales reached $ 10.4 billion, the company has become the world's largest a health care products distributor.

Then the company has introduced to the patient glucose monitoring single page mode snapshot reports, which can provide a more intuitive real-time patient data to doctors blood sugar, but the report also contains a report on the patient's blood sugar levels, while the use of a specific algorithm to identify the reasons for the individual patient blood glucose control problems and possibilities. Currently this single page mode Snapshot Report with iPro2 glucose monitoring system combination with each other, mainly represented by Henry Schein company, but it also can be recorded continuously for up to 3 days in patients with blood glucose levels, to help analyze the patient diet, drugs and daily blood glucose levels affect their activities.