Laparoscopic Instruments-Scissors

May 21, 2018


   The use of scissors endoscopically requires little modification of open techniques. The basic instrument is a miniaturized, long handled version of conventional scissors and can be single or double action. There are some special types of scissors used in endoscopic surgery:

Insulated scissors

   These allow the use of electrocautery through the scissors. However when using non-disposable instruments, electro coagulation using the open blades leads to blunting of the edges. Electro coagulation using the scissors is thus limited in this unit, and when carried out is applied only with the blades closed. Scissor dissection is usually carried out with a grasper in the other hand to tension the tissues. If this instrument is insulated then any vessels encountered can be easily coagulated by the grasper. A further disadvantage associated with electro coagulation with the scissors results from the long non-insulated segment required to accommodate the blades and hinge mechanism. For safe practice this requires to be kept in view and this limits the magnification available to the surgeon.