The Development of The Medical Device Industry

Jan 12, 2018

         The medical device industry is a multi-disciplinary, knowledge-intensive and capital-intensive and high-tech industry. Its degree of development is one of important symbols of a country's overall economic and technological strength.

         We classify the medical devices into two types by technical barriers and sales channels: high-clsss devices with high technical barriers and low and medium-tech  with low technical barriers;medical devices sold through retail terminals or in hospitals and regular disposable materials in hospitals,or sometimes implanted in human body.

1.The revolution in technology and medical demand has led the rapid growth of the global medical device industry.

        Due to rapid development of the global medical device market,the leading medical device companies in the United States capture the market opportunities to accelerate growth through M & A and increase entry barriers by virtue of technological revolution and product innovation.By the end of May in 2016, the scale of overseas mergers and acquisitions of Chinese-funded enterprises has set an annual record ahead of schedule. I wonder if we can break the record that the United States has won the cross-border M & A championship since 2007. If this year's M & A deal ranks first in the world, it will be our first time to be a winner. hoping we can see a bright future in the field of medical devices at that time.

2.The adjustment of consumption structure promotes the rapid growth of China's medical device market.

       China's medical device industry is still in the "nascent" stage.The country increases the construction of basic health care system by new medical reform policy. The process of the new replacing the old will promote the rapid growth of low-end medical device market in the short time.Consumption escalation, population aging and technological revolution are the endogenous impetus to promote the long-term and rapid growth of China's medical device market.

3.Medical device enterprises rise rapidly from import substitution to industry integration in China.

       With the technological progress, China's medical device enterprises gradually realize the tendency that our products will replace imported ones.We’ll make great progress in the high-end market,starting from the low-end market.At the same time,China's medical device enterprises will face unprecedented opportunities for development under the background of decreasing the medical healthcare cost.

       The medical device industry involves multidisciplinary technology. The concentration and  integration of the industry is the trend of the future.There will be more and more leading enterprise completing the integration of small industries.

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