The latest High frequency electrical surgery system

Jun 22, 2018

The latest High frequency electrical surgery system


Name: Energy Platform

Model: Force Triad

Category: High frequency electrical surgery system

Activated time: 2012.11.12

Brand: American Tyco (Covidien)

Scope of application: 

     Energy platform is one of the most advanced new generation of all-round surgical operation platform. The single bipolar cutting, coagulation and ligasure tissue closure function of electric surgery were set in one. Ligasure utilizes the real-time feedback technology and the intelligent host technology, outputs the high frequency electric energy to combine the blood vessel jaw pressure, causes the human body tissue collagen and the fibrin melt degeneration, the blood vessel wall fusion forms a transparent belt, produces the permanent official closure, guaranteed the hemostasis the reliability. Through one operation, can close the diameter 0-7mm blood vessel or tissue bundle, and before cutting instrument can automatically identify the blood vessel or tissue bundle of coagulation, closure effect, no residue, reduce postoperative infection and adhesion, lateral heat conduction greatly reduced, the surrounding tissue damage is very small.

     It is mainly used for the closure of tissue cutting, coagulation and no more than 7mm blood vessel, lymphatic vessel and tissue bundle in open and endoscopic surgery. At present, it is widely used in laparoscopic surgery, thoracic surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, anorectal surgery, gynecological ovarian surgery, uterine surgery, ectopic pregnancy surgery. The popularization of advanced instruments greatly improves the operation efficiency, shortens the operation time, reduces intraoperative bleeding, small trauma, less postoperative complications, relieves pain for the patient while greatly relieving the patient's financial burden.