The maintenance method of all kinds of pipeline traverse in the laparoscope

Jan 27, 2018

The maintenance method of all kinds of pipeline traverse in the laparoscope

(1) attention should be paid to the protection of eyepiece in the celioscope. The mirror should be cleaned with a 95% alcohol cotton stick and then wiped with a soft cloth, and the protective cap should be set to avoid collision, resulting in blurred lenses and affecting clarity.

(2) the camera, the cold light source, the power line need to be dry with soft, absorbent cloth, the power line can not be folded, it should be hovering without angle and put in the drawer.

(3) when all kinds of instruments are used and cleaned, they should be taken and placed lightly. They should not be thrown or collided with each other. They should not take various instruments in one hand so as not to slip the damage.

(4) laparoscopic instruments and instruments are sophisticated and expensive.

Therefore, to have a fixed position, familiar with the instrument structure, working principle and performance of equipment, skilled installation and connection of various instruments, familiar with the technical performance of equipment use, understand the disinfection methods, precautions and maintenance in the process of nursing staff specially trained by the management, and strict maintenance and management system.

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