Titanium surgical instruments Summary

Jul 13, 2016

First, the characteristics of titanium alloy surgical instruments

Titanium, once discovered, to its unique characteristics are widely used in the development of surgical instruments in the field. Titanium has the strength and elasticity, strength and overall performance optimization, and so precise binding and therefore a large amount of intervention or as an implant material used in orthopedic, dental, maxillofacial, cardiovascular, minimally invasive (titanium clip) and other clinical. Special properties of titanium alloy surgical instruments are as follows:

1. magnetic

Titanium does not generate a magnetic device to ensure that the needle does not stick to the tweezers and needle holders; and does not interfere in CT and MRI imaging, intraoperative MRI safety equipment. "Intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging system (iMRI)" since the mid-1990s began to be used clinically, mainly used for tumor localization and determining the extent of resection. February 2009 China's first intraoperative MRI system put into use in the PLA General Hospital.