Various types of surgical needle

Jul 13, 2016

Surgical needle selection, according to the body tissues, organs and blood vessels such as vulnerability, must pay attention to the selection of the size and sharpness of the tip of the needle to avoid tissue trauma; organized by organ site depth, pay attention to the selection of sewing the bending angle of the needle.

Curvature of the larger and more for deep tissue. Triangular needle before half three-angled, sharper for suturing skin, cartilage, ligaments and other tough tissue injury greater. Whether or triangular with a round pin pin, needle diameter should be used in principle by smaller, less damage, but sometimes the larger organization toughness, needle diameter too small easy to break, it should be a reasonable choice. In addition, the use of curved suture needle, curved needle should shun radian pulled from the organization, or easily broken.

Several commonly used are described below:

1. Circular needle: easily penetrate soft tissue is mainly used, such as the peritoneum, gastrointestinal and cardiac tissue damage when passing through the small.

2. Triangle needle: for tough tissue, which is the tip of the triangle, the needle body portion is circular.

3. Angle triangle needle: tip to the stripline are all part of a triangle, for penetrating tough to penetrate the tissue, such as fascia and skin.

4. Disposable skin stapler: This metal skin staples, within the nail loaded special box, with a special holding clamps grip the metal skin staples, used for suturing skin and orthopedic surgery.