What is a disposable stapler?

Aug 19, 2018

   The stapler is the world's first stapler for gastrointestinal anastomosis for nearly a century. Generally divided into one-time or multiple-use stapler, imported or domestic stapler. It is an alternative to traditional manual  suturing equipment used in medicine. Due to the development of modern technology and the improvement of production technology, the quality of the stapler currently used in clinic is reliable. The disposable stapler has the following advantages compared with the traditional manual suture. :

1. One-time use to avoid cross-infection.

2. Use titanium nails or stainless steel nails (skin sutures) to suture tightly and moderately tightly.

3. Has few side effects and effectively reduces surgical complications.

    The stapler is easy to use, tight and elastic, especially its quick suture, easy operation and few side effects and surgical complications. Sometimes it can make the tumor surgery in the past unresectable to be resected, which is very popular at home and abroad. Doctor's favor and respect.