How To Clean And Maintain Endoscopic Instruments?

Jun 10, 2017
How To Clean And Maintain Endoscopic Instruments?

1 disinfection

All 1.1 endoscopic instruments can be sterilized with a low temperature sterilizer (ethylene oxide), soaked with gold (2000mg/l), and sterilized by plasma.

1.2 all metal instruments can be sterilized under high temperature and pressure (except for plastic ones).

1.3 carbon dioxide tube, light source line, flushing pipe and ultrasonic cutter line can be sterilized by plasma.

1.4, if you take soaking disinfection, soaking should open the instrument shaft, the lumen should be filled with disinfectant, all kinds of power supply joints do not touch with disinfectant or water.

2 use

2.1 before use, should carefully check the function of the instrument and screw loose or loose, especially the flexibility of the pneumoperitoneum needle, the direction of the electric coagulation separation forceps rotation and whether there is no electricity coagulation link; the clarity of the laparoscope and whether there is any damage or cracks.

2.2 select the suitable hard mirror according to the light source and select the proper electric coagulation line according to the electric knife.

2.3 equipment and hard glasses should be handled with care.

2.4 optical fiber and camera connections shall not be discounted so as not to break the beam or CCD connection and to monitor hospital use.

3 postoperative cleaning and maintenance

3.1, before cleaning equipment, do personal protection.

3.2, cleaning equipment should be removed as far as possible, rinse with flowing water.

3.3 please clean the instrument with multi enzyme lotion soak, with a brush, 50ml needle tube, scrub it clean.

3.4 will be washed with multienzyme lotion, rinse thoroughly with flowing water to remove the enzymes, lotions and dirt in the lumen. After drying with dry gauze, the cavity with 50ml needle gas injection, emptying the water.

3.5, optical fiber and other pipe equipment, with wet gauze after wiping, straight to the 20-30cm disk into a circle after placing, do not discount.

3.6 after cleaning, check for damage, or lack of screws and so on

3.7 if temporarily without disinfection, can be painted stone wax, placed in fixed appliance cabinet preservation.

4 storage and maintenance

Endoscopic equipment shall be the exclusive service.

5 maintenance

Normal use, the instrument may be aging, deformation, loss of screws and other parts of the problem. For example, the insulation of the electric coagulation hook is broken, the electric needle holder is unsteady, the cutting edge of the insulating scissors is unfavorable, the Guan Qiao ceramic head is damaged, the mirror bridge is broken, the tube sheath is deformed, and so on. In charge of the nurse once found equipment does not work properly, it may affect the operation of doctors should be replaced complete equipment timely. Only damage to the equipment should also be timely maintenance. Previously because of the need to return to the original manufacturers can be repaired, so the maintenance cycle is too long, maintenance costs are too high factors led to the hospital prefer to abandon the old buy new psychology. With the continuous improvement of the technical level of our country's cavity manufacturers, the endoscope equipment no longer needs to go abroad to repair, and the maintenance cost is greatly reduced. Thus, the expensive waste of endoscopic equipment is no longer chicken ribs, the choice of repair and treatment has been accepted by more and more people, greatly reducing the cost of the department.

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