Arab Health in 2018

Jan 08, 2018
Arab Health in 2018

Arab health is an international and professional medical devices exhibition in Middle East with large scale,complete classification and good performance. Since the first launch in 1975,it has been successfully held for 41times and the scale and numbers of exhibitors and visitors are increasing year by year.The hospitals and distributors in Arab countries give warm welcome to it.It attracts 3095 companies in 2016,300 more comparing with that of 2011 and more than 60,000 visitors from 63 countries.85% of the visitors assert they will sign orders and agreements with the exhibitors.The exhibition welcomed 80,000 buyers in 160 countries and 3,500 exhibitors to come in 2014.The area reaches 47,900 square meters.


The UAE is a wealthy oil exporter in the Middle East, with a personal GNP of $20,000. Economic structure is unitary and people‚Äôs life is dependent on imports of goods, especially medical devices,almost all relying on imports. Adhering to the free trade policy, the government does not intervene and restrict the import and export trade activities, allowing the free import and export of goods.The state has no control over foreign exchange and no foreign trade quota to make free convertibility and circulation.Entrepot trade has a tax rate of 1% and re-exports of goods within 6 months will receive the bonus of zero customs tax.

Dubai is the largest trade center in the Middle East and a hub for re-exports, with a favorable geographical location and wide market radiation, so it is called "the world's largest free zone" and "Hong Kong in the Middle East". Through Dubai, goods can be diverted to the Gulf, Eastern Europe, Africa, South Asia, the covering population is as much as 1.3 billion.

The healthcare sector in the Middle East is up to $80 billion, growing at a rate of 16% each year. The Middle East has a population of more than 170 million, with an annual healthcare budget of $13 billion.If the private hospitals included,the medical cost would be $36.5 billion.

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