Basic Instruments Commonly Used In Surgery

Apr 20, 2017
Basic Instruments Commonly Used In Surgery

Basic instruments commonly used in surgery


Divided into blades, knife handle two parts, with temporary installation. Blade has round, sharp,

 curved and size, length of the points, with the need for surgery and personal habits to choose

 the application, scalpel for intraoperative incision of various organizations, surgical knife 


(1) holding the bow method for longer incision.

(2) Shiatsu method for large incision, large force of the skin.

(3) anti-pick method to avoid damage to deep tissue, such as small abscess incision and 



Straight, curved two categories, each class has the length, pointed, round of the points.

(1) Organ scissors are mostly curved scissors, sub-tip, round two, for anatomy and cut tissue,

 bending scissors, the curvature should be inward. See the correct scissors.

(2) cut line cut more blunt straight straight scissors, knotted, the length of the cut should be

 appropriate. General thread head 1 ~ 2mm, gut thread for 3 ~ 4mm, skin thread lcm. Deep and thick

 knot or important vascular ligation should be long, in the shallow or thin wire should be short.

3. tweezers

Split dissecting tweezers and tissue tweezers two, each has two lengths.

(1) anatomical tweezers (non-toothed) short for holding blood vessels, nerves and anatomical 

tissue. Elderly used to hold the body cavity organs, or deep blood vessels, nerves and other 


(2) Tissue tweezers (with teeth) hold the skin and tissue for anatomy. Correctly hold the surgical

 tweezers method.


Straight bends two categories, there are two kinds of length. Correct clamp method.

(1) straight vascular clamp to catch shallow tissue bleeding and to facilitate the use of needle.

(2) curved blood vessels clamp deep bleeding and intravascular bleeding.

(3) mosquito pliers for small fine vascular clamp, there are two straight bends.

(4) tissue clamp for holding the general organization, tumor capsule, appendix mesangial and other


(5) bowel clamp with bowel.

(6) oval clamp disinfection of the skin and mention the use of the bowel.

(7) cloth towel clamp a variety of paste and fixed skin, sometimes used to traction tissue.

(8) sponge clamp to hold the sponge or gauze ball to check the cavity or peel adhesion and so on.

(9) needle holding needle to do with the stitching, clamping should be slightly exposed when the

 tip, clamping the needle, after 1/3 of the junction

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