Canada UHN Uses Haldor's RFID System To Manage Surgical Instruments

Apr 20, 2017
Canada UHN Uses Haldor's RFID System To Manage Surgical Instruments

Canada UHN uses Haldor's RFID system to manage surgical instruments

Haldor Technologies has announced that its ORLocate system, a life-cycle management and 

visibility platform for RFID-based surgical instruments and consumables, will be installed at

 the Medical Health Resource Recycling Center at the University Health Network (UHN).

UHN is one of Canada's largest health care companies, operates four hospitals in Toronto and 

will use the ORLocate system to control infection during surgery, reduce hospital cost, provide 

workflow visibility, and optimize the use of surgical instruments Rate, according to Haldor Technologies.

The ORLocate system is an RFID-based automation solution that helps hospitals improve patient 

safety, reduce costs, and improve operating efficiency in the operating room and aseptic processing sectors, Haldor said.

The solution can monitor and track surgical instruments and consumables, including medical sponges, as well as medical devices used before and after surgery and during surgical procedures.

According to Ram Alt, vice president of Haldor, the system deployment began in mid-July and is 

expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of this year. ALT said that ORLocate's sterile 

treatment module SPD, will be installed in UHN's two large sterilization service centers, serving 

three hospitals and some clinics and research institutes.

Haldor technology will install the ORLocate SPD module and ORLocate View, a new reporting and 

analysis module that provides data mining and real-time reporting as needed to facilitate 

continuous improvement in cycle life of medical devices.

The company will also deploy its proprietary RFID antenna and optimize this use case for newly 

developed RFID tags (Alt said that the label products will soon be commercially available).

The system will use RFID to monitor more than 7,000 operations. "In the second phase of the 

project," Alt said, "UHN can expand the operation of other project management, the use of RFID 

technology to reduce the occurrence of medical malpractice, to further improve the utilization of 

measuring instruments and reduce the company to pay the cost.

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