Cautions And Maintenance Of Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments

Jul 10, 2018
Cautions And Maintenance Of Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments

laparoscopic surgical instruments When cleaning, many instruments are equipped with small accessories because of the complexity of the instruments. Therefore, when dismantling and cleaning, the filter net is best placed in the scrub slot to prevent the loss of the sewer. In addition, the cold light source and the camera lens should not be discounted in the process of cleaning and disinfection. The angle of hovering should be obtuse, so as not to damage the optical fibers.

The laparoscopic surgical instruments are precise and fine. When cleaning, it is to be placed separately. After washing with soft hair, the blower dries and the parts of the apparatus are immersed in the lubricant, arranged neatly and put into the box. The cavity instruments are blown dry with a gas gun. The tip of the sharp instrument is protected by silicon rubber tube, which is suitable for tightness. Rusting equipment is treated with special rust remover, then cleaned and cleaned after being cleaned, boiled, lubricated and dried. This will play an important role in maintaining the equipment and prolonging its service life

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