Cleaning And Disinfection Of Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments.

Dec 19, 2019
Cleaning And Disinfection Of Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments.

Laparoscopic instrument cleaning

Laparoscopic instrument cleaning is an important part of disinfection and sterilization, and more than 90% of pathogens can be removed by cleaning. At present, there are two methods for cleaning laparoscopic instruments: manual and ultrasonic automatic cleaning machines. A common method is manual cleaning.

Immediately after the operation, the laparoscopic instrument was immersed in a 1: 300 neutral multi-enzyme cleaner for 10 minutes. The enzyme can quickly break down proteins and organic matter, so that residual blood, organic matter, mucus, etc. will not be solidified and adsorbed on the device. It is easy to clean. Remove all detachable parts, place them separately, pull out each sleeve core, and fully soak. Then carefully wash each part with running water. The instruments with lumen should be repeatedly washed with a soft brush. The brush heads at both ends shall be used to completely remove all tissue debris and remove other organic matter.

After cleaning, put it in the special lubricant of the instrument and lubricate it for about 2 minutes, then take it out, and open the forceps of each joint. The instrument with a lumen blows compressed gas into the lumen with a high-pressure air gun until no moisture is discharged, which makes it fully dry. Place it horizontally or hang it in a cool and dry special storage cabinet for future use.

Handling of lenses and cables

After the operation, wipe the blood stains and stains on the surface of the lens and various wires with a wet gauze moistened with a neutral polyenzyme detergent. Wipe dry with a soft cloth that absorbs water. When placing the optical cable, it should be placed without angle spin In the laparoscope special box, it is strictly prohibited to fold at an angle or excessively bend. The mirror surface is wiped with a cotton swab or wipe paper clockwise, and it is not to be wiped with a rough cloth to avoid damage to the mirror surface and affect the use during the operation.

Precautions when cleaning laparoscopic instruments

To prevent the lack of accessories for laparoscopic instruments during cleaning, because the laparoscopic instruments are compact and complicated, many instruments are equipped with small accessories. Therefore, it is best to lay a filter in the scrubbing tank when disassembling and cleaning to prevent loss of the drain. . In addition, the cold light source and the camera lens are connected during the cleaning and disinfection process, and cannot be discounted. The angle of the circle should be an obtuse angle to avoid damaging the optical fiber.

Disinfection and sterilization of laparoscopic instruments

The currently widely used method is the safest and most reliable hydrogen peroxide plasma cryogenic sterilization. Compared with traditional sterilization methods, it has the advantages of accurate, rapid, safe, and environmentally friendly sterilization. It also effectively reduces abdominal cavity damage. The special person is responsible for managing the low-temperature sterilizer, placing the laparoscopic instrument in a special instrument box, packaging with non-woven fabric, and indicating the name, sterilization time and expiration date of the endoscopic instrument outside the package. The normally selected sterilization mode is the intensive mode, which can sterilize for 69 minutes. At the same time, we are strictly monitoring the system, monitoring the chemical instruction tape and card. Each pot has biological monitoring, which is very strict and can indeed achieve the ideal sterilization effect.

Instrument disinfection for laparoscopic infection surgery

According to the current conditions of most hospitals, is there an optimal sterilization method, so we will arrange for patients with specific infections (TB, hepatitis B positive) and other infectious diseases at the end. Follow the principles of disinfection, cleaning, and disinfection after use.

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