Cleaning Of Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments

Jul 10, 2018
Cleaning Of Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments

Cleaning of Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments is an important step in disinfection and sterilization. By cleaning, pathogens can be removed more than 90%. At present, there are two methods for cleaning Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments: manual and ultrasonic automatic cleaning machines. The commonly used method is artificial cleaning.

After the operation, the laparoscopic instruments were immediately soaked in the 1:300 neutral multi enzyme cleaner for 10 min. The enzyme could quickly decompose protein and organic matter, so that the residual blood, organic matter and mucus were not coagulated on the apparatus, which was easy to clean. Remove all the dismantling parts and place them separately. The core of each casing is pulled out and fully soaked. Then rinse each part carefully with the flowing water. The instrument with the cavity is used to wash the soft brush repeatedly with the brush head at both ends. Remove all the tissue fragments and remove the other organic matter at the same time.

After cleaning, it is put in the lubricating liquid of the equipment for about 2 min and then removed, and the tongs of each joint are opened. The instruments with the cavity are blown into the cavity by the high pressure air gun until the water is discharged, so that it is fully dried and is put in a cool and dry special storage cabinet.

The processing of lens and optical cable

After the operation, the wet gauze dipped with a neutral multi enzyme cleaner wipes the surface of the lens and the surface of various wires, and uses a soft cloth with strong water absorption. When placing the fiber cable, it should be placed without angle spin in the special box of the laparoscope, and the angle folding or excessive bending is strictly prohibited. The mirror surface is used with skimmed cotton ball or swab. Wipe the mirror paper in clockwise direction to avoid wiping it with rough cloth, so as not to damage the mirror and affect the use.

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