Disinfection And Sterilization Requirements For General Medical Supplies

Jul 13, 2019
Disinfection And Sterilization Requirements For General Medical Supplies

(1) All surgical instruments and articles that enter human tissues or sterile organs are all autoclaved or surgically incised into the endoscope of the sterile room and its accessories, such as laparoscopy, arthroscopy, ventricle mirror, cystoscopy, palace The sterilization level should be achieved before the endoscope and the like.

(2) General medical supplies such as sphygmomanometers that are exposed to unbroken skin, stethoscopes can be wiped and disinfected with ethanol on a clean basis. If the sphygmomanometer cuff is contaminated by blood or body fluids, 500 mg/L of available chlorine should be used on a clean basis. Disinfect and soak for 30 minutes before cleaning.

(3) Appliances that contact unbroken mucous membranes such as vaginal diffusers, openers, tongue tongs, tongue depressors, body temperature gauges, etc., after use, clean, decontaminate, disinfect, dry, high temperature resistant appliances such as diffusers, openings The tongue depressor is sterilized by high temperature, and the thermometer is immersed and disinfected with chlorine disinfectant for 30 minutes on the basis of cleaning.

(4) Appliances that are indirectly in contact with the superficial body cavity through the pipeline, such as oxygen humidification bottles, ventilators, anesthesia instruments, nebulizers, gastrointestinal decompressors, suction devices, drainage bottles, etc., can be resistant on a clean basis. High temperature can be used for autoclaving. It can be cleaned and then immersed in 500mg/L chlorine-containing preparation for 30 minutes. It is rinsed with clean water and used for disinfection. It is strictly required to use one disinfection solution. The wet solution is applied with sterile water, such as continuous Use to change the humidifying solution daily and replace the instrument for disinfection every week.