Flexible Laparoscopic Instruments In Stock Laparoscopic Puncture Outfit

May 24, 2017
Flexible Laparoscopic Instruments In Stock Laparoscopic Puncture Outfit

 Laparoscopic puncture outfit [product features]

1., in accordance with the principles of human engineering grip handle, comfortable feel, excellent puncture control

2., crafted through the blade, with satisfactory puncture effect

3. unique puncture protection head free telescopic, to prevent injury organs, for surgery to provide safety protection

The 4. main sheath tube is provided with an anti slip parachute which can be flexibly opened, and the puncture sheath can be locked to prevent the sliding of the sheath tube, thereby providing stable support for the accurate operation of the operation

5. easy to use device conversion plate, can adjust the channel size, suitable for surgical instruments with different diameters and without repeated sheath tube, save the operation time

6. reliable airtight protective sleeve, prevent gas leakage, ensure the stable air pressure, simple operation, perfect function, non-toxic, sterile, puncture instrument is superior than the traditional scope of incomparable: a variety of minimally invasive surgery can be used

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