How To Check If The Veress Needle Enters The Abdominal Cavity?

Oct 22, 2018
How To Check If The Veress Needle Enters The Abdominal Cavity?

After Veress Needle puncture, there is a series of simple methods to detect whether the position of the puncture needle enters the abdominal cavity before insufflation.

1. Infusion experiment: first pump with 20ml syringe, if not pumping anything, suggesting negative pressure in the abdominal cavity; then inject 20ml of air, such as injecting air is very easy, will not encounter any resistance, suggesting that gas is easy to enter the abdominal cavity; Finally, there is still nothing to withdraw, suggesting that the Veress Needle has entered the abdominal cavity, and the injected gas spreads into the abdominal cavity.

2. Swinging the tail: The curved tail swings the needle to the left and right, and the needle tip is shaken in the opposite direction with the tendon of the puncture point as the fulcrum. If the needle oscillates on the tendon with a large amplitude, the tip of the needle is on the rectus sheath. At this point, the needle should be re-punched and the needle inserted deeper. However, some people think that once the puncture needle enters, it cannot move, because if it is inserted into the intestine or blood vessel, the purposeless movement will enlarge the wound.

3. Hanging drop test: After the Veress Needle enters, a drop of liquid is dripped at the end of the needle. If the Veress Needle is already in the abdominal cavity, due to the negative pressure in the abdominal cavity, the liquid at the end of the needle flows smoothly, and at the moment when the abdominal wall is lifted, An increase in intra-abdominal pressure accelerates the influx of fluid. If the droplets at the end of the needle remain suspended, the needle tip does not enter the abdominal cavity.

4. Airflow test: After the puncture needle is connected with the pneumoperitoneum, the initial abdominal cavity inflation speed does not exceed 1L/MIN. If the intra-abdominal pressure rises rapidly, it indicates that the Veress Needle does not enter the abdominal cavity.

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