How To Clean And Maintain Endoscopic Instruments?

Sep 17, 2018
How To Clean And Maintain Endoscopic Instruments?

Endoscopic instruments disinfection

1.1 Endoscopic instruments can be sterilized by low temperature disinfection chamber (ethylene oxide), soaked by Wanfujin (2000mg/l), and sterilized by plasma.

1.2 all metal instruments can be sterilized at high temperature and high pressure (except for plastic coats).

1.3 carbon dioxide tube, light source line, flushing pipe and ultrasonic knife line can be sterilized by plasma.

1.4 If soaking disinfection is adopted, the axle joint of the instrument should be opened when soaking, the tube cavity should be filled with disinfectant, and all kinds of power connectors should not be stained with disinfectant or water.

Endoscopic instruments use

2.1 Before use, the function of the instrument and the looseness of the screw should be carefully checked, especially the elasticity of the pneumoperitoneal needle, the direction rotation of the electrocoagulation separating clamp and whether there is any electrocoagulation link, the clarity of the laparoscope, and whether there is any damage or crack.

2.2 choose the right rigid lens according to the light source and choose the suitable electric coagulation line according to the electric knife.

2.3 instruments and hard glasses should be handled gently.

2.4 No discount is allowed for optical fiber and camera connections to avoid breaking beams or CCD connections and to monitor hospital use.

3 cleaning and maintenance after operation.

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