How To Manufacture A Disposable Cannula?

Aug 29, 2017
How To Manufacture A Disposable Cannula?

Which comprises a puncture inner core, a fixed sleeve and a positioning and fixing part, characterized in that the outer side surface of the fixed sleeve has a male thread; the positioning and fixing part comprises an upper circular tube and an upper part An annular flange at the lower orifice, the inner side of the upper circular tube having a female thread, the annular flange having three flexible suckers on the circumference, the three flexible suckers bisecting the circumference; The male thread on the inner side of the upper part of the upper part of the fixed part and the male thread on the outer side of the fixed sleeve connect the positioning and fixing member to the outside of the fixed sleeve. The disposable cannula of the present invention is capable of accurate positioning to ensure accurate puncture, while significantly reducing movement of the cannula puncture during operation and friction to the wound, reducing the pain of the operation and contributing to postoperative wounds The recovery.

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