Importance Of Intravenous Indwelling Needle

Sep 28, 2018
Importance Of Intravenous Indwelling Needle

Intravenous indwelling needle is a better method for clinical transfusion. On the one hand, it can alleviate the pain caused by repeated scalp needle puncture in infants, on the other hand, it can also reduce the workload of clinical nurses.

1. When using venous indwelling needle, we must strictly carry out the aseptic technical operation rules.

2. Closely observe the changes of vital signs and local conditions. Before and after each infusion, the puncture site and vein direction should be checked for redness and swelling, and asked whether the patient has pain and discomfort. In case of abnormal condition, the catheter should be removed and treated accordingly. For those who still need fluids, they should be replaced with other limbs.

3. Limbs with venous indwelling needles should be properly fixed to minimize limb movement and avoid being wet by water. If you need to wash your face or bathe, use plastic paper to wrap it locally. For patients who can move down to the ground, venous indwelling needles should be kept in the lower extremities to avoid blocking the catheter due to gravity.

4, before each transfusion, the blood is collected and the catheter is washed with sterile saline. If there is no return blood, flushing resistance, should consider indwelling needle catheter plugging, at this time should be pulled out indwelling needle vein, remember not to use syringes to push hard, so as not to coagulate the thrombus into the blood vessels, resulting in embolism.

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