Introduction Of Infusion Pump

Nov 18, 2017
Introduction Of Infusion Pump

Introduction of infusion pump

Pulse infusion is a common way of administration in clinical treatment. According to the nature of the drug, the patient's physique, the speed of intravenous infusion is also different. Transfusion too fast, too slow are difficult to achieve the desired therapeutic effect, and even affect the safety of care. At present, the general infusion apparatus widely used in clinic mainly depends on the liquid level difference pressure to input liquid into the receptor. The speed of infusion is controlled by the naked eye observation of the nursing staff and the manual wheel clamp. Ordinary infusion apparatus lacks blocking alarm, bubble alarm, liquid delivery alarm function, increased the clinical nursing burden; and liquid bottles easy to import the external air pollution liquid. The infusion pump infusion pump is capable of accurately control the infusion number or infusion rate, ensure that drugs can even speed, an instrument for accurate dosage and safely into the patient role, at the same time is a kind of intelligent infusion device, the infusion speed is not affected by human pressure and the influence of operator, infusion is accurate and reliable, have helps to reduce the clinical nursing work intensity, improve the accuracy and safety of transfusion and nursing quality.

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