Maintenance And Cleaning Of Surgical Instruments

Sep 21, 2019
Maintenance And Cleaning Of Surgical Instruments

First, the maintenance of new equipment

(A) cleaning method

Add alkaline cleaning agent in tap water, adjust the water temperature according to the requirements of the cleaning liquid instruction manual. The temperature is generally adjusted at 60~85°C. The soaking time of the instrument is selected according to the grade of stainless steel, generally 10~20min. After soaking, rinse with tap water. . When using mechanical cleaning, the rinse time is 2 min.

(2) Passivation 

Passivation of the surface of the device can protect the device from corrosion and rust. When passivating the surface of the new instrument, add descaling and descaling agent to the deionized water, adjust the water temperature according to the requirements of the cleaning liquid instruction manual, generally at 60~85 °C, soak for 20min or 60min, and then pass the deionized water twice. Rinse, rinse with purified water at a water temperature of 85 ° C, each rinse time is 2 min, and finally dry the instrument.

Second, the maintenance of storage equipment

The spare supplemental device must be thoroughly dried before storage. Instruments with locks should be opened or not fully locked. Attaching the buckle will cause the jaws, handle and socket to be under constant tension and cause damage to the instrument.

Third, the daily use of equipment maintenance

(1) Maintenance principle

1. According to the different materials of the device, choose the appropriate medical lubricant for instrument maintenance, maintain the flexibility of the hinge and socket of the instrument, reduce the metal friction between the joints of the device, reduce the spotting and help the instrument to resist oxidation, and keep the surface of the instrument smooth. .

2. Regular maintenance should be performed after use of the device, especially if the device with hinged or moving components must be serviced after each use. Lubrication and maintenance of the instrument should be carried out before the packaging of the device.

3. Manual lubrication and mechanical lubrication are used according to the characteristics and fineness of the instrument.