Precautions For Prolonging The Service Life Of The Infusion Pump And Maintaining The Stability Of The Infusion

Nov 18, 2017
Precautions For Prolonging The Service Life Of The Infusion Pump And Maintaining The Stability Of The Infusion

Precautions for prolonging the service life of the infusion pump and maintaining the stability of the infusion

1, prevent any solid particles into the pump body, because dust or any other impurities will wear plunger, sealing ring, cylinder block and check valve, therefore, should be removed in advance of any solid particles in the mobile phase. The mobile phase is best to be distilled in a glass container, while the common method is to filter, and Millipore filters (0.2um or 0.45um) can be used. The inlet of the pump shall be connected with sand filter rods (or sheets), and the filters of the infusion pumps should be replaced frequently.

2. The mobile phase should not contain any corrosive substances. The mobile phase containing the buffer should not be retained in the pump, especially when the pump is stopped overnight or longer. If the mobile phase containing the buffer is left in the pump, it is possible to precipitate the tiny crystals of salt due to evaporation or leakage, or even just because of the static solution. These crystals will damage the sealing ring and plunger as well as the solid particles. Therefore, it is necessary to pump pure water and then clean it into a solvent suitable for chromatographic column preservation and maintenance of the pump (for the reverse bonded stationary phase, methanol or methanol and water).

3, the infusion pump should pay attention to prevent the solvent bottle in the mobile phase run out, otherwise the empty pump operation also wear plunger, seal ring or cylinder, eventually produce leakage.

4, the working pressure of the infusion pump should not exceed the maximum pressure, otherwise it will make the high-pressure seal ring deformation, resulting in leakage.

5, the flow box should be degassed first, so as not to produce bubbles in the pump, affect the stability of the flow, if there are a lot of bubbles, the pump can not work.

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