Preparation Of Commonly Used Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments

Jun 05, 2017
Preparation Of Commonly Used Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments

Conventional instrument preparation 

One. Basic instruments (laparoscopy)

Bending hemal clamp 4, needle holder 1, disinfection pliers 2 bags, 2 Alice, 4, scissors 1, yarn towel clamp block 30, 8, 1, flat tooth forceps, the ball of yarn 10

2, dressing bag

The 1 - 2, 12 pieces of gauze towel knife, 10 block, 2 block of gauze, basin cover

3, hysteroscopy package (H/S)

Two. Laparoscopic instruments

1. Equipment: monitor, camera system, cold light source, CO2 cylinder, high frequency battery condenser, pneumoperitoneum machine, washing machine, ultrasonic hemostatic knife host

2, surgical instruments (1) pneumoperitoneum needle (2) trocar: (stamp card) the needle core is conical or multi edge type two kinds, and two kinds of smooth spiral casing (3) grasping forceps: short teeth teeth, two (4): free intraoperative tissue separating forceps (5) scissors (straight, curved, hook) (6), electrocoagulation electrocautery needle (7) bipolar electrocoagulation and bipolar electrocoagulation cut, with surgical scissors and coagulation performance combo (8) with suture needle (push thermostat) (9) flushing suction tube: intraoperative irrigation and aspiration of blood smoke, etc. (10) intraperitoneal injection needle: uterine fibroids with vertical body (11) converter (12) for uterine: uterine manipulator can be used as a marker placed in laparoscopic surgery to the pelvic ligament attachment, fully exposed, can better assist the surgeon to perform operation. (13) ultrasound knife: accurate selective broken tissue of normal blood vessels and nerves retained, keep clear field of operation, no smoke and no eschar.

Three, according to operation type, operation difficulty, prepare the corresponding surgical instruments (1) general laparoscopic monitoring examination, can choose 5mm mirror. (2) myomectomy, cystectomy, hysterectomy, and LAVH (transvaginal hysterectomy) should be done with larger, clear 10mm or 13mm surveillance systems.

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