Started Making Medical Supplies, Earning 3 Billion From A Cotton Plant

Mar 26, 2020
Started Making Medical Supplies, Earning 3 Billion From A Cotton Plant

It is not only a mother and baby brand that Baoma must store, but also a comprehensive cotton lifestyle brand.

It was founded just 9 years ago, and its sales exceeded 3 billion yuan last year!

It is the "cotton era" founded by Li Jianquan!

Ten years of medical sales, own medical company

Li Jianquan, who graduated from Hubei Foreign Trade School in 1978, was assigned to Hubei Medical and Health Products Import and Export Corporation for ten years.

In 1988, he suddenly figured it out and decided to go south to start a business in Guangdong. In view of his previous medical work experience, he started a stable medical company as an OEM of medical accessories, such as gauze.

At that time, the business was quite large, with thousands of employees, the products entered more than 600 hospitals and nearly 20,000 pharmacies around the world, and successfully listed in the United States!

It's not over yet. He fought hundreds of millions of yuan to develop the "cotton spunlace non-woven fabric technology". The cotton fabric made was soft and skin-friendly, and the production time was shortened from 2 months to 2-3 days. !!

However, cotton technology has not been able to obtain medical certification at home and abroad, and the hero cannot find a place to use it. Li Jianquan was furious to create his own brand "Cotton Age", and since then has created a raging cotton empire!

Fill the blank of domestic mother and baby market, cotton material

The outbreak of cotton material sales is no accident. At that time, the materials of domestic mothers and infants were mostly synthetic textiles. With the change of people's concept of fertility, the requirements for mother and infant products became higher and higher. The natural harmless characteristics of the cotton era deeply attracted consumers.

Li Jianquan saw the pain points of consumers and made natural cotton the biggest selling point of his products. He strictly controlled the quality of cotton and products.

When Li Jianquan made medical supplies, he knew that he had to be meticulous and rigorous. After coming out of the medical company, he still made products with a sense of responsibility.

The research and development of products in the cotton era are all under the responsibility of its own stable medical care, from cotton soft towels, wet wipes, handkerchiefs, bath towels to quilts, diapers, baby underwear, to sanitary napkins, cotton pads, postpartum abdomen belts, Underwear, close-fit cotton underwear, etc., the cotton era conquered the user with high standards of medical textiles, and also filled a big gap in the cotton material products of the domestic mother and baby market!

More than 150 direct-operated stores, online and offline channel integration

At the beginning of the cotton era, I wanted to enter the supermarket, but found that the admission fees of supermarkets such as Rainbow and Carrefour were too expensive! Originally, he was a fledgling small brand, and the admission fee of tens of millions in the early stage was unbearable to anyone!

Li Jianquan decided to take a circuitous route, and simply uttered tens of millions of self-built stores. This method is unexpectedly good, because consumers like to really feel the quality of cotton, and more than 30 cities have opened more than 150 directly-operated stores, it is the quality of the product. Also the monk can't run the temple!

Not only that, the cotton era has also entered more than 2,100 commercial supermarkets such as China Resources Vanguard, RT-Mart, AEON, Carrefour, Renrenle, Tianhong, and successfully established brand trust.

Li Jianquan also chased a wave of e-commerce (official websites,, Tmall, Vipshop and other mainstream e-commerce platforms), and invited a group of e-commerce professionals to promote and operate! It has been online for only one year, with sales reaching 10 million yuan!

Establish Chief Experience Officer, Word of Mouth Marketing Breaks 100 Million Days

In the cotton era, we learned advanced foreign marketing cases, set up various positions such as "chief experience officer" and "mysterious customer", and determined to start from user needs and come from users.

The Cotton Age has convened several users who have “requirements for products, are aware of users, and are willing to express themselves.” Through new product trials and user feedback, the most authentic word-of-mouth communication of Cotton Age products has spread, causing a wave of fan users. Fanaticism!

On this basis, in order to control the service quality of offline stores and supermarkets, and to be familiar with the needs of front-line users, the Cotton Age launched the "mystery customer" project, observing the real shopping process of shopping guides and users, and giving feedback to the headquarters. , And ultimately improved service and product quality!

In addition, the Cotton Age also actively conducts various offline parenting lectures, conferences, etc., which virtually promotes the life concept of the Cotton Age, and invites members to personally participate in experiencing products and deepen the connection between users and brands.