What Are The Disposable Punters?

Aug 29, 2017
What Are The Disposable Punters?

1, specializing in the production of puncture device (TROCAR) Patent No .: PCT / CN2009 / 072595.

2, universal puncture sets, 5mm and 10mm operating equipment are free to pass, no converter.

3,5 mm and 10mm puncture needle core with a sheath protection device, and set the protection switch, puncture can effectively protect and avoid stabbing cavity tissue, more anti-blind wear protection.

4, puncture needle micro-blade straight cutter head, puncture more effort, puncture position more accurate.

5, gas valve inclined patented design, a large degree of convenience to operate the operation, four puncture with a gas valve.

6, the integration of the body, which can effectively maintain the liner within the airtight, threaded body design, solid operating position.

7, each puncture through 21 quality inspection procedures, sealing strong, reliable quality.

8, converter simple and elegant design, easy to use.

9, handle non-slip design, comfortable grip.

10, pneumoperitoneum needle, specimen bags were international patents.

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