What Are The Laparoscopic Instruments?

Sep 11, 2017
What Are The Laparoscopic Instruments?

1. (Veress needle) pneumoperitoneum needle in 1938 by the Hungarian surgeons invention, length l00mm, 120mm, 140mm, 2mmQ diameter needle sheath front-end for sharp inclined plane, the front end of the needle core with a blunt elastic press, with the tail spring protection device, hollow needle core, a side hole, through needle injection, injection gas and suction. When the abdominal wall is punctured, the needle core is retracted into the needle sheath in case of resistance. Once the needle sheath slope breaks through the peritoneum, the resistance disappears, and the needle core enters the abdominal cavity by the action of the spring before the needle head, and the blunt head is helpful to protect the abdominal cavity.

2. the laparoscopic trocars is used to build the abdominal wall passage. It is the hole of the laparoscope and various manual control instruments entering and leaving the abdominal cavity. The diameter is 5 to 12mm, and there are two kinds of metal and nonmetal.

3. grasping forceps and separating forceps.

4. electric coagulator, electric coagulation hook, forceps, spade, rod and so on, mainly used for separating tissue and wound coagulation.

5. endoclips and Laparoscopic Clip Applier large vessels or position deep to electric coagulation, then need vascular clips hemostasis. There are many types, such as titanium clips, continuous titanium clips, absorbable vascular clips, and Ham-0-Lock polymer clips. The metal clips are U and V. They are large, medium and small.

6.scissors diameter 5mm and 10mm two kinds, length 310mm, usually with insulation and electrode head, can be separated at the same time, coagulation, hemostasis, incision. Usually have straight head scissors, elbow scissors, hook scissors.

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