What Does Medical Supplies Include

Feb 18, 2020
What Does Medical Supplies IncludeI. medical equipment Sophisticated medical equipment of course, the average family does not need to prepare, and usually do not use, but some small equipment is very cost-effective, and the opportunity to use quite large, you can consider the purchase. A thermometer A thermometer is an essential tool for judging the extent of a family's illness. Measuring forehead temperature and the like may be more inaccurate, but mercury thermometer, ear temperature gun if there are in accordance with the correct way of use, are generally quite accurate. It is important to note that for infants and young children, it is best not to use mercury thermometers, but to use electronic. Blood pressure monitor The elderly in the home have cardiovascular problems, blood pressure monitor necessary. At present more common is the "electronic" and "mercury" blood pressure gauge. Although mercury-type sphygmomanometers are accurate, they can be difficult to operate. In addition, electronic sphygmomanometers that have passed the test are also quite accurate if used correctly, and can be used to make a choice. Pen torch Mainly used to see deeper wounds, or eyes, throat, external auditory canal and other problems; Sometimes it can also be used to check the size of the pupil, the reflection of light, etc. It's better if someone in the family has professional medical training. A device for treating a wound or dressing Such as: tweezers, bandage scissors, etc. The scissors that cuts gauze bandage to use commonly is "blunt", won't hurt the skin more, if use common scissors to replace, may need to pay attention to on using. Tweezers can be used to clip out foreign bodies and other purposes, the family use as far as possible to choose a blunt head, so as not to cause further damage improper operation. Two, consumable eisai The following several eisai are the general situation must be prepared, as for the number of the number, can be determined according to the population in the home, the age of the family members, the use rate. Sterile gauze For covering wounds; They are usually packed germ-free and come in many sizes. Gauze, like a 2-inch square, is often used, and larger gauze can be used for large wounds or relatively large burns. The bandage The main use of bandages is to secure dressings such as gauze to the wound. Bandages have a variety of widths, you can choose according to the actual use. Limb or finger injury, sometimes use "net belt" more convenient, of course the price is more expensive. There are also "elastic bandages" that can be used to pressurize injured limbs and prevent edema, which can be used at the doctor's suggestion. Adhesive tape Used to secure dressings or bandages, such as the common 3M paper tape. In addition, there are sensitive tapes on the market, the ingredients will not cause allergies, of course, the price will be more expensive. Some people who use paper glue for a long time can get itchy skin or a rash. Cotton swabs Used to coat wounds with disinfectant. In the past, most of them used tweezers to clip cotton balls to dip disinfection potion, which is quite inconvenient to use in the family, and it is not easy to meet the requirements of no bacteria operation. The general cotton stick is short, and not germ-free, can be used for cleaning purposes, but not suitable for wound treatment. Some small packages, after sterilization of the long cotton swabs, more convenient to use. Alcohol cotton piece Used to sterilize the skin or equipment. Traditional practice is to use tweezers to clip cotton balls to dip medicinal alcohol, not only inconvenient but also easy to have safety concerns. There are now smaller packs of cotton wool that are easier to use. There are other things that add a lot of convenience to wound management, such as disposable gloves, sterile gloves, etc.