What Is A Stapler For?

Dec 21, 2018
What Is A Stapler For?

Stapler is the first suture device in the world. It has been used for gastrointestinal anastomosis for nearly a century. It was not until 1978 that tubular stapler was widely used in gastrointestinal surgery. It is generally divided into one-time or multiple-use staplers, imported or domestic staplers. It is a substitute for traditional manual suture equipment used in medicine. Due to the development of modern science and technology and the improvement of manufacturing technology, the staplers used in clinic are reliable in quality, convenient in use, tight and suitable. Especially, the advantages of fast suture, simple operation and few side effects and complications make the tumour surgery that could not be resected in the past possible. In addition, it is very popular and respected by clinical surgeons at home and abroad.

Stapler is an alternative to manual suture in medicine. The main principle of stapler is to use titanium nails to break or anastomose tissues, similar to stapler. According to the scope of application, it can be divided into skin stapler, circular gastrointestinal stapler, rectal stapler, circular hemorrhoid stapler, circumcision stapler, vascular stapler, hernia stapler, pulmonary incision stapler and so on.

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